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What Do Cat Vaccinations Protect Against?

Unlike the common saying, cats do not have nine lives. Like humans and other pets, they need vaccines to protect them from diseases. Vaccinations strengthen your cat’s immune system. They need to start receiving vaccinations when they’re between six to eight weeks old. The process should go on until they are approximately 16 weeks old. After this, they will require an annual booster vaccine.

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks?

The sight of your furry friend trying to deal with fleas and ticks can be overwhelming. This is because they are annoying to your pet and a nuisance to your home. Responsible pet owners know their pets' soft fur and warm body are prime real estate for these intruders. Also, once they start feeding on your pet's hard-earned blood, they can cause serious health issues. 

Tips to Prevent Pet Obesity

Experts estimate that around 54 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats are overweight. Most of the pets that visit animal clinics are obese or overweight. The pets suffer from several health complications that are life-threatening. On average, overweight pets have a shorter lifespan than their fit counterparts. As a pet owner, you’d want to check out these tips to prevent obesity in your pet. 

What to Expect When Putting a Pet Down

Pet owners deeply understand how pets become an integral and irreplaceable part of the family. Thus, having to put down your pet can be heartbreaking. But a time comes when it is the inevitable, humane thing to do. Some pets may die of old age, but others may get sick or sustain serious injuries. In these situations, it is necessary to consider putting your pet down. This will spare it from the pain and suffering, disease, and injuries may cause.

Do Dogs Need Vaccines Every Year?

Dog vaccines play a vital role in protecting dogs from a wide range of diseases. Dogs suffer from different health conditions, some of which can be fatal. Fortunately, you can protect your pet from uncomfortable diseases using vaccines. 

When Can My Puppy/Kitten Go Outside?

Your pet needs to play, discover new things, and socialize with other animals. However, your puppy or kitten may still be small and their frame too delicate for the outside. If so, you need to be careful about letting your furry little companion outside. Be intentional about where they will go on their first time so that they are safe.

How Young Should I Start My Pet on Heartworm Medication?

Heartworms are potentially deadly parasites that affect the hearts of pets like dogs, ferrets, or cats. Heartworms are expensive and difficult to cure but are easy to prevent. Heartworm disease is rampant along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts in the United States.

How Often Should Your Pet Have a Wellness Exam?

Being a pet parent is a huge responsibility that involves ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy. You must make sure that your pet is safe throughout their life. This is where wellness exams come in. 

Are Vaccinations Required Before a Puppy Is Social?

You have been looking forward to adding a puppy to your family. You have made sure that everything is ready for your puppy to be comfortable. But have you considered how you are going to socialize your pet? Puppy socialization is introducing puppies to new things at a tender age. This allows them to build up their bank of experiences, preparing them to adapt to their surroundings easily.

When Should I Get My Kitten Vaccinated?

Vaccinating your kitty is one of the best things you can do to give them a great start in life. Vaccines help protect kittens from severe and fatal contagious diseases, as well as keep them from spreading illnesses to people and other pets in your neighborhood.

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