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Fourth of July Survival Guide for You and Your Dogs and Cats

The Fourth of July may be a time for celebration for many people, but for pet owners, it can also be a period of stress and worry. This is because the celebrations that other people are enjoying could be a cause of potential hazards for your furry pals, especially when the festivities often extend beyond a single day. Whether it's loud fireworks, dangerous human foods, or strangers coming into your home, there is plenty that can stress you and your pet out.

Pet Euthanasia: When Is It Time?

Watching a pet suffering is something that all pet owners would like to avoid. One of the most difficult decisions that you will need to make is knowing when to euthanize your pet. Unfortunately, as difficult as it may be, it is a necessary part of the animal’s life. There are several factors to consider before putting your beloved pet to sleep. It is important to know the right time to go through the process. 

May Is Chip Your Pet Month: Everything You Need To Know About Pet Microchipping

It is National Chip Your Pet Month, a wonderful time to reunite pet owners with their lost pets! Statistics from the American Humane Association estimate that one in three pets go missing at some point in their lifetime. Along with that, nearly 10 million cats and dogs are stolen or lost in the United States each year. Out of these, only 22 percent get reunited with their owners, according to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

How Do Pet Microchips Work and What Are the Benefits for Pets?

Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. They can be like members of the family. But pets can escape the home, wander off, or get lost. It is agonizing to search for a lost pet. Owners can put a pet collar with a tag on a pet, but sometimes that collar can slip off. Without a collar, neighbors and pet shelters can have difficulty identifying the pet, but a pet microchip can solve that problem.

Flea and Tick Prevention FAQ

Keeping your companion animal in a schedule where you take him or her to receive tick and flea prevention is important. Every pet needs protection, and here is why and how you can protect your cat or dog from ticks and fleas.

Heartworm Prevention, Symptoms & Treatment

Heartworms are a common concern for pet owners. Heartworms in dogs can be very serious as the larvae can grow in the animal’s blood blocking major blood vessels. Heartworms can be contracted through a single bite from an infected mosquito. If not treated, dogs can experience serious organ damage that can lead to death. It is very important to get immediate treatment if you notice any symptoms.

Importance of Staying Current on Pet Vaccinations

When life gets busy it can be tricky to make time for what we view as non-essential appointments, such as dental check-ups and eye tests. Something that may get overlooked or delayed is your pet’s visit for their vaccination boosters. If your pet has previously been vaccinated, it is easy to think that being a few days or weeks late with their appointment is not anything to worry about. However, it could have bigger consequences than you expect.

Importance of a New Puppy/Kitten Exam

Have you recently got a new puppy or kitten? As a new pet owner, you must be excited. Part of being a pet owner is ensuring that your pet has everything it needs, such as food dishes, toys, treats, and a bed. It is equally important to have your new furry friend checked by a veterinarian.

How to Protect Your Pet from Holiday Hazards

It’s not always easy to keep our pets away from the hazards brought about by this holiday season. Fortunately, we’ve got some top tips to help you ensure that your pet can enjoy a holly, jolly Christmas, too!

How to Keep Your Senior Pet Healthy

All pet parents wish that their pets could stay young and bouncy forever. Yet, the hard truth is that aging is part of life’s continuous cycle. Yet, once your pet becomes a senior, a healthy and happy life is still possible.

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