Homeopathy for Animals

Homeopathy for Animals

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical philosophy and practice based on the theory that using the right natural substances, the body can heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are used by more than 200 million people around the globe to treat a wide range of conditions.

The underlying principle is that the same substance in a large dose that causes the symptoms in the first place could also cure those symptoms if administered in a small dose. The trick is in getting the symptoms to match the remedy.

Holistic medicines are derived from entirely natural substances such as minerals, plants and animal matter which stimulate the immune system and promote natural self-healing.

Is homeopathy safe for my pet?

Yes, homeopathic remedies are completely natural and safe for the majority of humans and pets alike. Your veterinarian will be able to advise you if there is any reason why homeopathy may not be suitable for your pet.

Homeopathy in animals has had so many success stories that an increasing number of veterinarians are studying, gaining qualifications and practicing the principles.

What conditions can homeopathic remedies help to treat?

Homeopathy has had proven results in an extensive range of chronic and acute conditions including:

  • Digestive and endocrine diseases

  • Fleas, skin and coat disorders

  • Heart and kidney diseases

  • Bone and joint disorders

  • Ears, eyes, nose and mouth problems

  • Immune system disorders

  • Respiratory disease

  • Mood and behavior problems

  • Reproductive system problems

  • Viruses and acute infections

  • Healing and recovery

Homeopathy for Animals

What happens during my pet’s first appointment?

The initial consultation will usually last around an hour and will involve you giving comprehensive information about your pet to your homeopathic doctor. You may be asked about your pet’s medical history from birth (or from as far back as your ownership goes), his emotional wellbeing, any allergies, his eating and drinking patterns and so on.

This information is necessary for your doctor to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and select the best homeopathic treatment for your pet. With more than 2500 treatments currently on the market, it is vital that your doctor gets the correct remedy in place as soon as possible. As such, the more information that you can provide about your pet, the better!

Once your doctor has all of the information they need, they will be able to put together a treatment plan for your pet. You will then be contacted to return to the doctor a few days later to discuss your pet’s plan and receive your supply of homeopathic remedies. You will also be given any other advice that the doctor feels may be beneficial to your pet such as guidance on exercise or nutrition.

How long will it take before we can see results?

It is important to remember that homeopathy treats the root cause of the problem rather than just masking the pain and symptoms. It is also important to remember that everyone, including animals, heals at different rates. You will need to be patient and allow your pet time to heal naturally. As a general rule, the longer a problem has existed, the longer it will take to treat it.

How much does homeopathy cost?

While the actual homeopathic medicines are relatively inexpensive compared to controlled pharmaceutical drugs, your doctor will have to spend a number of hours creating your pet’s tailored treatment plan, so the costs will vary.

If you have been referred to homeopathy by your veterinarian, all or part of the cost of the treatment may be covered on your insurance. Please be sure check with your insurer for more details. 

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