When Can My Puppy/Kitten Go Outside?

Your pet needs to play, discover new things, and socialize with other animals. However, your puppy or kitten may still be small and their frame too delicate for the outside. If so, you need to be careful about letting your furry little companion outside. Be intentional about where they will go on their first time so that they are safe.

Benefits of the Outside

The outside is sunny and has green grass, allowing your pet to roll around and enjoy the fresh air. Just like human beings, pets enjoy the outdoors. They do not like spending all their days indoors. Outside, they can practice their instincts. They can hunt and chase small animals and explore the natural environment.

As they run around, jump, climb trees, and roll in the dirt, they are exercising. All these activities also stimulate them mentally. Pets that do not receive adequate stimulation show signs of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. It relieves boredom, restlessness, and hyperactivity. When your pet is restless, it results in attention-seeking and undesirable behaviors.

When to Let Your Pet Outside

Kittens are tiny and fragile, making them vulnerable to plenty of dangers outside. You have to be cautious even as you let your kitten outside. The advisable age to let your kitten outside is around five months old. At this age, they are developing, and though their frame may still be fragile, they are a little stronger. They can run from something they perceive as dangerous.

For puppies, the recommendation is to start taking them outside a week after their first round of vaccinations. They will be around seven weeks old by this time. The first three months of a puppy’s life is the foundational time to teach them to socialize.

Not socializing your puppy may result in undesirable behavior later. This behavior may be more of a threat to your puppy’s well-being than the risk of contracting a disease.

How to Do It

It is important to choose the day and the place wisely. Do not do it on a day or place where there is so much activity. It may lead to overstimulation, and your pet may end up becoming anxious and restless. For kittens, make sure it is a quiet day in your yard, and ensure there is no activity around.

Make sure to prepare your pet’s food so you can stay put and keep an eye on them. As you keep an eye on them, watch out for dangerous plants and animals. Your pet may not know what is dangerous or not. They are still developing those instincts, and being outside is part of that development.

What to Do Before Going Outside

For kittens, spaying and neutering are possible at four to five months. Thus, arrange for this to be done before letting them out on their own. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a litter of kittens. Get a collar for your pet for identification, and if possible, fit them with a microchip. So if you lose your pet and they land at your local vet, identification is easy.

Importance of the Outside

Going outside and exploring is critical to your pet’s development. It is a major factor in encouraging good behavior. If you keep an eye on them, they will be safe.

For more information on letting your puppy or kitten go outside, visit Dr. Mike’s Affordable Vet Care at our office in Arlington, Texas. You can call (817) 663-8160 to schedule an appointment today.

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