Pet Euthanasia: When Is It Time?

Watching a pet suffering is something that all pet owners would like to avoid. One of the most difficult decisions that you will need to make is knowing when to euthanize your pet. Unfortunately, as difficult as it may be, it is a necessary part of the animal’s life. There are several factors to consider before putting your beloved pet to sleep. It is important to know the right time to go through the process. 


Why Choose Euthanasia? 

The idea of euthanasia fills many people with trepidation. This is a subject that can be extremely sensitive in most circles. You love your pet and the thought is heart-wrenching, but this is a personal decision that you need to make. If your beloved pet is too sick to enjoy a happy life, choosing to euthanize is humane. You may not feel like doing it but it is the responsible thing to do. You need to put your pet’s welfare before your own needs or happiness.

  • Is Your Pet Terminal?

Talk to your vet to find out your pet’s general health. You can find out about the illness and the pet’s true condition. The vet will give you all the information you need but ultimately, it is your decision. You need to determine if you are prepared for the different phases of treatment.

  • Is Your Pet Eating Well?

Does your pet have an appetite and is he eating well? You need to realize that loss of appetite can be an indication that the end is nearing. As your pet nears the end of his life, eating becomes a chore and he will shun even his favorite foods.

  • Is Your Pet in Pain?

If your pet is in chronic pain, it is a clear indication that you may need to euthanize. Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, incontinence, coughing, and labored breathing are signs of discomfort. Most vets understand that euthanasia is a last resort and it helps to prevent needless suffering.

  • Can You Get Adequate Treatment?

You need to determine whether you are in a position to get adequate treatment for your pet. If treatment will involve costly medication or operations, you need to determine if you can afford it. No one can put a price on unconditional love, but you need to be realistic about what you can provide. End-of-life care for a terminal pet can be very expensive.

  • Is Your Pet Avoiding All Activity?

If your pet is unable to participate in normal activities, it means he is experiencing poor quality of life. Lack of interest in activities that would normally excite him is a clear indication that he is nearing the end. Your pet may even be unable to walk or stand without assistance and may be unable to climb stairs. Prolonging your pet's suffering is not fair.

In some situations, it may be possible to prolong your pet’s life through treatments. However, you need to think about the quality of that life. Is the treatment going to improve the pet’s life or simply prolong it? Talk to the vet about the prognosis and consider the pet’s best interests. The choice may be painful but you need to know when it is time to say goodbye.

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