Fourth of July Survival Guide for You and Your Dogs and Cats

The Fourth of July may be a time for celebration for many people, but for pet owners, it can also be a period of stress and worry. This is because the celebrations that other people are enjoying could be a cause of potential hazards for your furry pals, especially when the festivities often extend beyond a single day. Whether it's loud fireworks, dangerous human foods, or strangers coming into your home, there is plenty that can stress you and your pet out.


To make life a little easier and to help keep your pet safe and secure, here is our survival guide for you and your dogs and cats this July Fourth.  


Create a safe space for your pet

Frightened animals often try and hide, so one of the best ways that you can support your pet is to create a safe space where they can rest until the stresses are over. Try and keep this in a quiet area of the house, away from windows and doors where sounds are likely to be loudest. Place their bed or blanket, food and drink bowls, and favorite toy in the room, and in the case of a cat, their litter box too. This gives them everything that they need to remain calm until it's suitable to release them.


Stay with your pet

If you are entertaining, it may not be possible to stay with your pet the whole time, but ideally, they should have someone that they know with them during the most stressful periods of celebration – for example, when the fireworks are in full swing. A known human presence can be extremely comforting for your furbaby, and you can even play games with them to help distract them from any noises or bright lights coming from outside.


Get cats home early

If your feline friend usually likes to roam free, you should track them down and bring them home a few days before the festivities begin. People don’t always stick to a specific schedule, and you may find some want to start celebrating early in the day or even a day or two before if it suits them better. You don’t want to be worrying about your kitty being loose and stressed, so bring them home early.


Don’t share human foods

While there are some human foods that are perfectly safe for your pet to eat, there are also plenty that isn’t. A BBQ can seem like a great way to celebrate July Fourth, but meat bones, corn, garlic, and onions are just some of the potentially harmful and toxic foods that could make your pet very sick. Keep any human foods out of reach and make sure any guests know that you would prefer it if they didn’t share with your furry family members!


Update your pet’s ID

Microchipping isn’t compulsory, but it is one of the best ways of permanently attaching your contact details to your pet. A scared animal is much more likely to bolt in fear, and this could lead to them getting lost or even injured. Being microchipped dramatically increases the likelihood of your pet being successfully returned to you. Make sure that your details are up to date by contacting your microchip provider. If you haven’t yet had your pet microchipped, your vet can probably do this for a nominal charge.



For more top tips on keeping your pet safe from harm this Fourth of July, please speak to our dedicated veterinary team at Dr. Mike's Affordable Vet Care in Arlington, TX at 817-663-8160.


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