Are Vaccinations Required Before a Puppy Is Social?

You have been looking forward to adding a puppy to your family. You have made sure that everything is ready for your puppy to be comfortable. But have you considered how you are going to socialize your pet? Puppy socialization is introducing puppies to new things at a tender age. This allows them to build up their bank of experiences, preparing them to adapt to their surroundings easily.

Puppy socialization is very important. Puppies that are not properly socialized tend to be irate. This makes it hard for them to be around people and other animals. In most cases, such puppies grow up and may end up in shelters owing to abandonment. 

Socializing your puppy means they will grow to be well-behaved around humans and other animals. You can start puppy socialization between the ages of three to 12 weeks. Should you vaccinate your puppy before socialization?


Why Are Vaccinations Important Before a Puppy Is Social?

Puppies, just like other animals, have weak immune systems when they are born. They get antibodies from their mothers’ milk, helping protect them against diseases. However, these antibodies are not enough to protect puppies as they continue to grow. 

Before the age of seven to eight weeks, puppies need to go for vaccination. This is so as the antibodies they get from breastmilk are only enough to keep them protected if their mothers have been vaccinated. 

Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends that puppies should begin socialization before the vaccine series is complete. The best time to start socializing your puppy is when they are seven to eight weeks of age. However, they should receive their first set of vaccines and deworming at least seven days before their first class.

The socialization period normally begins at three weeks of age to 14 weeks. This is the time puppies learn what is safe and what is not, explore the world, and are open to new experiences. 

During socialization, your puppy will encounter all manner of surfaces, sounds, sights, smells, noises, animals, and people. To be safe, you can discuss with your vet how soon you can start socializing your puppy. 


Ways to Safely Socialize Your Puppy Before Full Vaccination

Ensure you take your puppy to a puppy socialization facility that is up-to-date on vaccines. The environment should be clean to minimize the risk of catching any ailment. Introduce your puppy to other vaccinated dogs and reduce the number of animals they can interact with at a time.

If you want your puppy to go out, take them to friends who have vaccinated pets. Avoid taking them to dog parks until they are fully vaccinated. If you have a yard, let them roam around freely.


Your Puppy’s First Vet Appointment

Going to the vet for the first time can be stressful for your puppy. You can make a quick visit days before the appointment and sit with them at the reception area to familiarize them with the environment. You can ask the staff for some treats for your puppy. 

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